Coming Together for the Greater Good

When it comes to depth of knowledge, practical innovation and quality manufacturing—the Pelsis group is second to none. That’s why professionals around the world trust our products to help slow the spread of disease, keep pests under control, maintain clean environments and keep people safer. When there’s that much on the line, taking shortcuts is simply not an option.

A family of brands with one shared purpose

Curtis Dyna-Fog
Bird B Gone
P+L Systems

World-class equipment
built for America

We see US manufacturing as a badge of honor. Employing hundreds of hard-working Americans, our team of engineers and manufacturers takes great pride in every product we put our brand on.

Jackson, Georgia

Jackson, Georgia is home to one of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. With over 85,000 square feet, the plant produces some of the best sprayers, foggers and equipment in the world. What starts with expert research and engineering hits the plant floor with high-quality materials and durable construction.

Leading Brands

It’s no coincidence that several of our brands are market leaders in North America and overseas. Each one brings a unique expertise but all share the common goal to produce the best equipment in the world. Explore each one to learn about their top-notch offerings.

Our Principles and Beliefs

This is what we stand for. Each principle guides our collective goals—from day-to-day design and manufacturing objectives to how we serve our customers.

  • Practical Innovation

    We don’t innovate for innovation’s sake. We innovate with precise intention—to make products more efficient, easier to use and longer lasting.

  • Quality

    Quality parts, quality materials, quality service and quality people. We employ the best and manufacture high-performing, durable products.

  • Assurance

    Our customers deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing their equipment is going to work when they need it to. We put in the hours and craftsmanship to ensure every product we make is precise, efficient and reliable.

  • Tenacity

    We’re tenacious in our research and proud of our work. If there’s a problem—we solve it. If there’s a new challenge—we take it on. We’re ambitious, fueled by a drive to continuously improve

  • Authenticity

    We do what we say, and we say what we do. Our brands were founded by pioneers in their fields who were driven by a need for better equipment. Today, we carry that desire into every product, every study and every partnership.