Providing robust solutions to support healthy and safe working environments.

Solutions for Large-Scale Spaces

Our brands specialize in commercial products that scale for acreage of farmland, factories, industrial greenhouse, food processing plants, medical facilities and transportation. Whether it’s disinfecting an airplane or treating a large food manufacturing plant—we take every step necessary to ensure maximum quality dependability. We understand how much our clients have on the line and that’s why we take satisfaction in manufacturing the best industrial products in the world.

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Go the Distance

Big-time foggers, integrated trapping solutions, or vehicle-mounted sprayers—if you have a Pelsis product in your arsenal, you have the best. Period. Our equipment can cover thousands of square feet every day, down to a specific square-inch on command. Our teams take pride serving the commercial partners that feed the world and keep people safe.

Our industrial sector serves a large variety of industries. Stay up to date here with the latest information and case studies on different customers and learnings in the sector.

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