Known for iconic green light technology, Synergetic® products are recognized as the best fly lights in the world.


Unparalleled Innovation and Expertise

Backed by patented technology and expert research, Synergetic® leads the flying insect control space in fly lights, bulbs and glue boards. Customers across North America stake their reputation on Synergetic products to rid spaces of flies, wasps and other flying insects. With innovative green light and LED technology, our products have been independently proven to attract a wider range of insects from farther distances.

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Taking Control of Flying Insects

With a complete line of flying insect lights and traps, Synergetic® has seen and conquered endless challenges. The patented green lights lure in the targets, while several different mechanisms are used to rid the problem—glueboards, UV lights and LED technology just to name a few. Synergetic maintains a surgical focus on efficiency and innovation while also designing contemporary products that are stylish, simple and easy to install and service. From simple glue traps to state-of-the-art products, Synergetic continues to lead the charge against flying insects.