Premier foggers and sprayers for flying insect control, commercial fogging, sanitization and more.

Curtis Dyna-Fog

A Legacy Built on Engineering Ingenuity

Originally an automotive and aerospace parts manufacturer, Curtis Dyna-Fog has grown into the world leader in fogging and spraying equipment. The foundation of the company—both then and now—was built around jet engine technology, which later was transformed into the muscle behind every Curtis Dyna-Fog fogger. The first commercially available pulse-jet fogger was produced in 1954 and through constant innovation and engineering craft, Dyna-Fog has evolved into a complete line of unmatched spraying and fogging equipment.

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In a Class of its Own

Known around the world for best-in-class disinfection and flying insect control equipment, Curtis Dyna-Fog continues to raise the bar. Ideal for a wide variety of applications, Dyna-Fog’s vast line of foggers and sprayers is used for everything from high-stakes sanitization and mosquito control to odor abatement and special effects in the film industry. Their versatile catalog of products also features heavy-duty commercial foggers for large spaces, bird repelling and stored crops. Dyna-Fog equipment is trusted in nearly every corner of the world with endless versatility, dependable quality and masterful engineering.