We Are Pelsis

We are a family of brands known for developing the industry’s best pest control, disinfection, industrial and vector control equipment. We believe in purposeful innovation and strategic partnerships to equip customers with the tools they need to take on challenges every day. With decades of experience, unmatched expertise and relentless drive, Pelsis brands lead the charge for the greater good.

A family of brands with one shared purpose

Curtis Dyna-Fog
Bird B Gone
P+L Systems

Our key sectors

Our depth of ingenuity and extensive product range ensures that professionals can find the right solutions for any application.

Leading Brands

Known for producing world-class equipment and possessing deep industry knowledge, Pelsis brands continue to pioneer the most effective and inventive products in the world. With each bringing their ingenuity, prowess and unique product offerings to the Pelsis portfolio, we can take on every challenge.

World-Class Equipment Where you Need It Most